We regard serving God in ministry as an incredible privilege and a serious calling. 

We have developed some guidelines for ministry that will help us for this position of leadership.

Please Read the following STANDARDS OF MINISTRY and sign at the bottom.

1.  I am a committed Christian living in agreement with the Word of God.

2.  I am a member of The Movement Church or committing to attend the next Welcome to Church Party and agree with the doctrinal statements of the church and will support the vision of the House. I will regularly attend the worship services for my spiritual edification. I will respect the authority of the pastors and leaders and will follow their leadership and direction.

3.  I will conduct my personal relationships in an appropriate manner.

  • Keep Godly boundaries of intimacy.
  • Not be in a living situation with the opposite sex or live with anyone whose sexual life does not reflect Godly standards.
  • I will not pursue intimate relationships with unbelievers.

4.   I will conduct myself sexually in a way that honors God.

  • As a single person, I will not be sexually intimate with someone.
  • As a married person, I will remain sexually faithful to my spouse.
  • I will honor God’s standard of a monogamous heterosexual marriage.
  • I will not engage in the use of pornography.

5.   I will not participate in any illegal or abusive drug or alcohol use.

  • According to scripture, there are no biblical grounds for getting drunk, EVER. 
  • As a leader I am on call 24/7 and will conduct my self in a manor accordingly.

6.   I will endeavor to maintain emotional health and maturity by dealing with anger, hurt, depression and insecurities. I will accept the advice or counsel of leadership in working on these areas.

7.    I will determine to let Scripture govern the words that I use and the conversations in which I participate. I will not participate in gossip, lying or lewd conversation.

8.   I will faithfully tithe, cheerfully giving 10% of my income to The Movement Church, and be a generous giver toward the vision of the house.

9.   I will respect the laws of our country and not be in violation of the laws of California or the United States.

10. I will not knowingly be involved with or have any association with products, events or employment that would promote, endorse or condone unscriptural, immoral or inappropriate actions and values. If I have any uncertainty, I will discuss it with our leaders or guidance in that decision.


I understand the moral and spiritual standards established by The Movement Church for those serving in ministry. I promise to honor these standards so that my actions and words will honor God, and not bring any dishonor to The Movement Church and I will live my spiritually mature lifestyle. I will be honest in my disclosure of any struggles or questions I may have about these issues.

I realize that serving in ministry is a privilege and not a ‘right’ and if I participate in disqualifying actions or display unacceptable attitudes that my continuing in ministry will be at the sole discretion of the Movement Church leadership. I willingly yield to the direction, counsel and decisions of The Movement Church.

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